Who am I?

I'm Shan, a professional web full-stack developer and tech enthusiast living in Munich, Germany. Currently, I'm working at DeepL, an excellent web machine translation tool based in Germany. With years of experience in HTML/CSS/Javascript, React, React Native, Angular etc., I'm also working on several private projects which you will see the progress in the blog. Besides frontend, I'm also familiar with backends in Python, Node.js and Go.

I feel comfortable working on a cloud environment, and have a lot of experience in AWS and GCP, not only as a developer. As a technical expert in the consulting company, I'm also helping clients with deployment, product architecture, finding potentials in their business context and building up their own IT environments along with contemporary technologies.


I have had a long winding way to this professional area. I had an academic background in classical architecture, however, specialized in a minor research direction of building physics and room acoustics. At that time, I've got in touch with computational geometry, and programming in C++ (yes, that was 13 years ago) for creating addons for AutoCAD for calculations and simulations. But the most important thing I learned from the university (and from the major of architecture) is how creative it can be in addressing and solving the demands of clients or users, and how the "hardcore" technics can be tamed into an expressive and intuitive way to serve the best value.

In my free-time, I'm a huge fan of every style of music (But the top 3 are prog rock, gypsy jazz and folk fusion). With the academic background of room acoustics, I'm fascinated in music theory and audio engineering. I'm playing bass (guitar & double), sanxian (Chinese shamisen), gypsy guitar and aerophone. I'm also running a home studio as a hobby, recording and mixing music ideas of myself and friends. I'm searching for every chance to step into the world of the development of digital audio processing and assistance for music theory, notation and music education.

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